5 Parking terminology you need to know!

5 Parking terminology you need to know!

5 Parking terminology you need to know!

We all have heard of problems which are related to parking, problems which are caused due to illegal parking and even some solutions also related to this but do we really understand the terms that have been used through the piece of information?

Many of us may assume that they have got a good understanding because they know the literal meaning of the word as per the dictionary but the same may or may not be applicable when it comes to legal foundations regarding parking. So go through the list now and rate your own understanding of the parking terminology and in case you misunderstood them, get them cleared right away.

  • Parking facility:

As the term suggests, it implies the services or the facility of parking made available. However, the combination is to be comprehended as a structure in the form of a building or a land which can be used for the purpose of providing off street parking to motor vehicles mainly. Additional, depending upon the requirement, bicycles may also be permitted in these parking facilities.

  • Public parking:

As per the documents, this term means the parking space which has been declared as a public parking space requires no reservation or does not holds any rights related to the parking space. For instance, it can be used by public within the premises of a society or outside a market complex also and it is not reserved by tenants of the area or by the customers of any particular shop. A simple first come, first serve basis is applied here.

  • Shared parking:

This term marks the limits of public parking as discussed earlier. It means that a parking space will function as a public parking space but for a limited period of time and not throughout the 24 hours of the day.

  • Handicap Parking space:

All of have abilities of our own and for the ones who are differently-able among us have a set of rules applicable for them which are different from the parking laws applicable in our country. The handicap parking spaces are reserved for vehicles which bear a valid handicap permit and have a handicap sign posted in front of the space to keep them distinguished from the rest.

  • Pay-on-Foot facility:

This automation in the field of parking saves the interference of a cashier when paying for using the parking services at parking lot. The vehicle owner pays the amount in the form of coins or notes and a parking ticket is generated which is helpful to exit from the parking lot at the time of departure. These are being made available at an increasing pace at most of the automated parking spaces for example, in malls and shopping complexes near you.

Apart from the parking ticket machines available to ease the parking reservation there are other solutions present at your door step in this digital world. The best parking facility has been made available to you in a matter of few clicks by YoParker.  One can visit the user friendly website and even download the app to get a parking space booked in less than 2 minutes.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 05, 2019

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