5 setbacks of illegal parking which can be easily avoided

5 setbacks of illegal parking which can be easily avoided

5 setbacks of illegal parking which can be easily avoided

What is illegal with parking?

Parking a vehicle in such an area or a zone where parking facilities are restricted is what we call as illegal parking. It can be in front of a hospital, school or areas which have ‘No Parking’ display boards like fire zones and causes restricted movement of any kind of traffic. All such parking attracts parking fines and other consequences which can be easily avoided in this modern digital era.

The setbacks of illegal parking:

  • Reduced traffic speed:

We all wonder where this traffic does come from everyday and even when everyone is in a hurry to reach their work places, still it moves slowly. One possible reason is that the roads which are meant to witness the running traffic are also providing services of parking facilities to many people in the city. A major portion of the roads is covered with these wrongfully parked vehicles and hence, the traffic slows down.

  • Loss of revenue:

It is not that parking garages or lots are not available in our city or that they are not functional but still they are underused. The location of these parking spaces are either not known to most of us and is some cases, people prefer not to make use of these parking lots when parking is available right on roads and unused lands. Well that might not make a difference for these vehicle owners but the city revenue experiences a major blow. These structures have been constructed for public use and sadly, public has made a different choice for a few bucks.

  • Decline in respect towards law

Indeed that is true, the moment one decides to park their vehicle in an area where parking is restricted by law, it shows the such norms and laws of the city and the nation are not respected. It is not necessary that we always have to share our thoughts and feelings towards the nation on occasions of Republic day and Independence Day through social media platforms. It can also be done on a daily basis by following the norms which have been effective for our benefit only.

  • Increased number of accidents:

The usable area on the roads is reduced and everyone is rushed which causes happenings of accidents on the roads. Even if the traffic is moving in the right direction and at the right speed, people take steps like taking an abrupt turn or turning without indicating to other drivers and cause accidents on roads and further reduced space to be used by other drivers.

  • Congestion :

Since there is not enough space and scope for all types of vehicles and travellers to move at same speed congestion is caused.  People travel in an unplanned manner to get ahead of each other which results in a clash between two vehicles or parties and ultimately everyone is late and mad at the scenario.

Is there any measure to avoid this?

Of course there is and as a matter of fact, there is more than one possible solution to the illegal parking problem. The best solution for illegal parking is book a parking space beforehand. In this technological era, there are booking happening for a safe and reliable parking space that too just from the very handset that you use every day. You can book a parking space through YoParker via their website or through the mobile app. Doing this is on a regular basis is going to give you peace of mind regarding parking as well as you will get rid of any illegal parking hassles which may knock on your door without any prior notice.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 31, 2019

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