Abandoned vehicles on the streets of your city

Abandoned vehicles on the streets of your city

Abandoned vehicles on the streets of your city

When driving on your way back to home from office or commuting from one point to another in the city, we often see abandoned vehicles on the roads or on bare lands and which have been lying there unclaimed for quite some time now. Does it ever occur to you why would anyone leave their vehicle in such a manner because as far as the numbers speak, not a single auto mobile comes for free to be left to be piled up layers of dust. Here are a few reasons why are they left unclaimed and what problems do they create.

  • They are mostly stolen goods.

It has been said by the city reports that most of these vehicles are stolen from various parts of the country or within the city when no suitable buyer is ready to pay for the efforts put by a burglar. In the end they occupy the parking spaces which are supposed to be available for public use.

  • They have been involved in accidents.

Accidents happen every now and then for some reason or the other like low visibility due to pollution, or weak headlights or if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In spite of taking the responsibility for the damage done, these vehicles are left stranded and everyone bears heavy losses.

  • They cover a lot of space

Since they are mostly four wheelers or two wheelers, and trucks in some cases, they acquire parking space even if they are meant to be scraped or until the case related to them is resolved. A large amount of public parking spaces are also taken up by them and in the end the parking seekers end up hunting a suitable and available parking lot.

  • A word by the figures

Taking the case of Pune city, the estimates say that nearly 50,000 abandoned vehicles are reported on the city streets. In a drive to confiscate these by a civic body around 370 such vehicles were seized in a fortnight.

These vehicles cause a lot of trouble to the residents of the area or to the city and even to the authorities as no one claims the ownership. Several steps have been taken to reduce the numbers of these cars and bikes and positive results are expected. However, in case you find it difficult to park your vehicle when commuting or the dedicated place has been taken up such motors then it’s time you say good bye to such issues. Try the best parking booking solution offered by YoParker for free and book a safe and well maintained parking lot for your vehicle. You can either make use of the website or even make the bookings through the mobile app by downloading it from the store.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on February 01, 2019

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