Arguments over parking with neighbors

Arguments over parking with neighbors

Ever since the Industrialization, Westernization, Globalization has led to the growth of per capita income from the last few decades, a common man can easily buy a car within his budget. As we can see lots of varieties of cars with different ranges of prices and discounts or special offers.   Petrol and diesel cannot be afforded by all, so the other alternative, people have for their cars is CNG, which is less expensive as compared to other fuels. Whereas, an earlier car was considered as the symbol of rich class only.

With the increase in income, working class and vehicles the problem of car parking is increasing day by day in residential areas, especially which are located near commercial complexes. People who are staying on rent or bought new houses near these locations are not allotted garages, which is highly risky in terms of CarJacking, wrong parking, fight with neighbors further leading to lodging complaints.

Fight overheated arguments with neighbors on parking has led to enmity, revenge, that is deflating tires or bashing car or breaking windshields, complaint lodging, and issuance of the legal notice. This has become daily tension for the working class people after they come back from offices.

YoParker understands residents don’t park their cars intentionally on the wrong side or in front of somebody else’s house. It’s because due to lack of authorized parking spaces, the helpless occupants have to park their cars on the wrong side.

To get rid of daily jim-jams there has been a launch of an App, YoParker.  You can download the App from Playstore to book your Parking Safely and Securely with 3 simple steps:-

  • Download the App,

  • Register Yourself,

  • Book your parking space and there you go.

There will be an allotted parking space for you before even you reach.

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