Background of Automated parking system

Background of Automated parking system

Automated Parking system alludes to a mechanical framework contrived to leave countless in least space accessible. The APS transports vehicles starting with one parking spot then onto the next, mechanically, without requiring a driver. An APS structure essentially stacks vehicles vertically in levels to wipe out the requirement for extensive land spaces. How about we experience the historical backdrop of Automated Parking System?

APS was first presented in 1905 in Paris, France at the Garage Rue de Ponthieu. The need for Automated Parking system deals with the premise of one's requirement for a space to park and the demand of it. 

A 'Paternoster framework' was designed to work with cars, around 1920. It was organized like a Ferris wheel that could fit eight vehicles in space of about two cars. The structure ended up becoming famous as it was anything but difficult to work and possessed lesser space. It could likewise be consolidated into a building. Simultaneously, an APS with the capacity to leave in excess of a thousand vehicles were being introduced by Kent Automatic Garages. 

Washington D.C. saw the principal ever driverless parking structure in 1951 which got shut in the blink of an eye. APS caught the enthusiasm for late 1940s-50s in the U.S. The enthusiasm of the U.S. debilitated in APS during the 90s, while there were establishments of all the more actually progressed APS in Europe, Asia, and Central America. Additionally amid that time, Japan worked around 40,000 stopping straights utilizing paternoster APS. As indicated by late information, the U.S. holds about 6,000 parking spots and 25 noteworthy APS frameworks. At the same time, a gauge of 1.6 million APS is continuing in Japan.

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Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 02, 2019


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