Can parking be offered in 3 simple steps?

Can parking be offered in 3 simple steps?

Can parking be offered in 3 simple steps?

Parking space shortage has been faced by everyone amongst us and the most common solution chosen by the public is to park at any nearby location of their destination and roam around the place till the job is done. It does sound simple and in fact it is, but these parking methods are an open invitation to other problems.

The vehicles parked in front of shops or residential areas and sometimes even in the no parking zones, have most commonly resulted in vehicles getting towed and then contacting the officials to get it back with a ticket as well. Not just that, it is not necessary that your vehicle has been towed there is also a threat of it being stolen since the area it was parked in was an unsecured one. Now this got you thinking, if there is any possible solution to the parking problem.

Of course there is a simple solution to parking problem and that too takes 3 steps to get you a secured and reserved parking.  Let’s understand how this is done:

Step 1: Roll up with the parking provider

This step is important for you to register with YoParker, India’s best parking service provider and make sure your reserved parking slot is not claimed by anyone else. Moreover, the process takes less than 120 seconds.

Step 2: Enter your location manually

Yes, you read that right! As a user you have to enter the location you want to search a parking place in. Once you get the closest available parking to your destination, choose the time slot that best suits you.

Step 3: Your booking is just to be confirmed

Once, the user has selected the suitable location and time, tap on the confirm button and that’s it. Your parking slot is confirmed and you’ll soon receive an email as well a SMS assuring the same.

Still buzzed that booking a parking space can be this simple? However, there is more to the great parking experience you are about to have. To keep up with the speeding technology, several arrangements have been made to save to any kind of hassle. The user has the option to make payment using the digital platforms and park with peace as there is no need to carry the exact change or end up waiting for the provider to do the same for you.

One can also download the mobile app from the store for free and start using the services provided. Leave the parking space with YoParker, and we will make sure you get one which is secured and reliable.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 24, 2019


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