CarJacking Cases in India

CarJacking Cases in India

There have been incidents from the past about CARJACKING. Many carjacking cases were filed in the past because of no or less safety of vehicles and wrongly open parking slots without any security.

Some of the incidences were also noted before, which mostly had,  stealing the car stereos and other personal belongings or thefts of the automobile parts.

In some cases, due to open car parking spaces had also led to damages caused by unknown reasons.  For Example - Breaking of windshields, headlights, tail lights, tyre deflations, stealing of fuel and many more. This leads to financial losses of the owner.

Not only 4 wheelers, but two-wheelers as well have been the victims of same conditions. In India, missing a two-wheeler or vehicle is a common problem.   

To avoid such situations, there has been a launch of an App, YoParker.  You can download the App from Playstore to book your Parking Safely and Securely with 3 simple steps:-

  • Download the App,

  • Register Yourself,

  • Book your parking space and there you go.

There will be an allotted parking space for you, before even you reach.

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