Common false notions regarding parking in India

Common false notions regarding parking in India

Common false notions regarding parking in India

Parking a vehicle in an allocated car parking facility or parking lot is a practice which is to be followed by everyone who owns any type of an automobile vehicle. But the scenario in our country is slightly misunderstood. What people do is park their vehicles any where they find an empty space with enough room to accommodate a motor considering there won’t be any complications of doing so. However, that is not true. There is certain parking rules which are ought to be followed by every citizen of India but have been overlooked most of the times.

Rule #1: Once its past 10 pm, traffic lights can be disobeyed

It is very commonly believed that since after 10 pm traffic on the ceases to decrease, so the need to follow the traffic lights can be avoided. However that is not the case. It might be possible that traffic lights might not be fully functional like in the day light but they are still operational and hence the traffic norms have to be obeyed. If one comes across a signal with red light blinking it conveys, that the driver should stop, look and then proceed. If the yellow one is blinking then slow down, look and proceed but in any case they have to be followed else might cost you your pocket.

Rule #2: If the ‘No Parking’ board is absent, the space is available to park

It is understood that a ‘No Parking’ board clearly implies that the area in the vicinity of the board is not available to park even a bicycle. However, the absence of one such board does not imply that the empty space can be turned into a parking lot even for a temporary period of time. There are certain exceptions which include buildings of hospitals, school entrances, shops or even restaurants.

Rule #3: One can overtake only from the right side of the driver

As instructed by the Indian Traffic Rules, it is generalised to overtake from the right side of the driver as it also instructs the driver to drive in the left lane. However, there are always some exceptions. If the driver in front of your vehicle is intended to take a right turn and has also indicated the same via right indicator, then the other driver can overtake from the left, conditionally the space permits in doing so.

The traffic norms in India are dictated for the safety of the citizens which is us. One should obey the, as they are surely going get us safe to their homes. In case one is having trouble to locate a parking place in a busy place and hour, then they can use the parking solution provided by YoParker. Anyone can visit the website to book a safe parking lot or even download the mobile app and get a reserved parking in a few clicks.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 25, 2019

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