Does the note on your windscreen read ‘Parking Fine’?

Does the note on your windscreen read ‘Parking Fine’?

Does the note on your windscreen read ‘Parking Fine’?

We all are always in a hurry trying to meet the deadlines we have by taking the easiest ways possible. The case with parking in pretty much the same, we park where ever we spot an empty parking space and head out for the job we got to do so badly. However, we forget most of the times that parking in not a right, it is a privilege that we have to arrange on our own which when taken for granted attracts a parking ticket.

What we think?

Now you might be thinking what’s new in that and why would that happen to you, the space has been allocated for parking purposes so any one who requires a parking space should park on a first come first serve basis. Well the real picture is pretty different.

What actually happens?

There are several scenarios which have been observed over a period of time like People Park in a reserved spot, the space for two vehicles has been occupied by the driver or parking vehicle on corners which makes it tough for other automobiles to pass through. Despite the accessibility of enough parking garages available, these non compliances lead to parking tickets and sometimes even towing of vehicles.

What should be done?

Well the best measure would be learn about the parking norms of the state you are living in and abide them to avoid any hefty hole in your pocket. Once that is done and you are still struggling to find a safe parking lot then look out for smart parking technologies around you.

How to use these solutions?

Making use of smart parking solutions is actually a piece of cake but not everyone is aware of the fact. There are several parking solutions available on the digital platform which provides the parking services for free. One such parking provider is YoParker. All you have to do is register yourself with them and book a parking right away. The same can be done through their website. However, YoParker understands the need of the user today and provides the same hassle free booking through mobile app also. The entire process of booking a parking space takes less than 120 seconds and you get an assured and secured parking space right beside your desired location.

Stay ahead of everyone even in terms of parking and commute smart. You can now avail a parking space in advance and don’t have to worry about any consequences of parking.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 30, 2019

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