Driving License: The pass to drive on Indian roads

Driving License: The pass to drive on Indian roads

Driving License: The pass to drive on Indian roads

A driving license in India is a must when steering in public areas or one might say the busy roads. One has to go through several steps to obtain one from the authorities as per the traffic norms in the country. Be it for commercial purposes or for driving from home to office during the weekdays, the driver ought to have one to save themselves from the penalty and related charges. However, there are several kinds of driving licences depending on types of vehicles and their usage in India.

1. Learner’s license

It is a temporary license which is valid for a period of maximum 6 months. The permission under this includes driving a LMV (light motor vehicle) only and no other type. The minimum age requirement for such a permit is 18 years to drive and park safely.

2. Permanent license

This is the valid driving permit which allows the person obtaining it to drive the type of vehicle as mentioned on the license. It is issues after 30 days from the date of issue of learner’s license and henceforth gives an assumption that a person holding this is aware of traffic norms, parking signs and regulations along with proper driving skills.

3. Two-wheeler license

This license is strictly limited to driving and parking two wheeler vehicles motorcycles, scooters and others.

4. Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) license

The vehicles that have been categorized as light motor vehicles like taxi, motor car, jeep, auto rickshaws and others require their owners to obtain this particular licence.

5. Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) licence

Heavy motors vehicles like trucks, buses, goods carriages, cranes and others demand the driver to obtain this licence. The HMV licence authorised person can drive the LMV vehicles but the vice versa is not true as per the traffic norms.

6. International driving licence

The licensing authority also issues international driving licence which is to be collected from the designated company within one year from the date of issue and is valid for a year only.

Obtaining a driving licence is one thing but keeping pace with the responsibility is another aspect. The negligence of traffic rules like parking on streets or no parking zones can lead to towing of your vehicle or even cancellation of your licence. If you find that locating a safe parking lot is difficult then try the online parking solution put up by YoParker. You can visit the website to book a parking space or even download the app from the store for free.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 25, 2019

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