Have An Empty Parking Space Rent It Out

Have An Empty Parking Space Rent It Out

With the growing number of vehicles, parking has become a menace for city dwellers as the infrastructure is not fit to accommodate the ever-rising numbers.

While the government is trying its best to organize parking and curb the issues of unauthorized parking spaces and the steep pricing tickets attached to it, you too can do your bit of share to curb the parking menace with YoParker.

Search, book and rent parking space

YoParker is a smartphone-based application that helps you search and book parking spaces in every nook and corner of almost all cities of India. Besides booking a parking space, you can also rent out your not-in-use parking space. You can search for parking spaces in not only commercial complex, shopping malls, restaurants but also in residential areas where people like you and me can rent out not-in-use parking spaces to earn some extra dough.

Although parking in India is done in an unorganized way, technology can play a huge role in optimizing parking, utilizing each and every parking spot in a fashion that can reduce parking woes and the stress related to it. It would benefit not only the government, but every vehicle owner as they’d be sure of getting a parking spot even before they take their car out.

There is undoubtedly a shortage of parking spaces in India, especially in the metros making it a task for drivers to find a parking spot. But on the other hand, there are so many places with extra parking space available that can be utilized to reduce the parking menace. If you have an extra parking space in your home, office, garage, school, mall, hospital, hotel, or any other vicinity, you could help people get some peace of mind by allowing them to keep their vehicle at a safe place.

Anyone with an available parking space can rent it out and earn some extra bucks on it.

All you need to do is signup as a provider and fill in the required details including the time and availability of your parking space. Once the parking space is verified and approved by our team, a verified user can book that space for the given time slot and it could be anywhere from an hour to a year depending on your approval.

By renting out your unused or extra parking space you can not only earn money on it but also be a part of the much-needed change in the parking system.

Be it any place, with YoParker you are guaranteed of an available parking space reserved for you.


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