Increasing demand for Vehicle carrying Patients Parking

Increasing demand for Vehicle carrying Patients Parking

With the over the increase of population and fast life, new medical treatments and discovery of new diseases have appeared. This has further led to rising in demand for medical treatments in Govt and Private Hospitals.

Parking outside the hospitals has been a major issue, especially near Govt Hospitals. If in case you have the booked or reserved parking for the patients the staff members can also provide the services to escort them. Proper coordination services will be provided on booked parking around hospitals which is still unavailable in most of the hospital parking.

Govt Hospitals are still considered over Private Hospitals due to the difference in treatments costs. And we see a long queue, major rush in Govt. Hospitals as compared to Private Hospitals. Reserved Parking for the patients has been executed so far keeping in mind, old people, handicapped, Injured patients and unwell people. Otherwise, it becomes a problem for patients to even walk from parking lot to inside hospitals.


To avoid such situations, there has been a launch of an App, YoParker.  You can download the App from Playstore to book your Parking Safely and Securely with 3 simple steps:-

  • Download the App,

  • Register Yourself,

  • Book your parking space and there you go.

There will be an allotted parking space for you before even you reach.

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