Myths of automated parking

Myths of automated parking

Myths of automated parking

All of us as the end users of a parking garage that accommodates more than a dozen vehicles at a time are so relieved to have advanced technology like this. However, there are still some mystifications that still persist amongst us related to these elevated structures.

1. The tech is new

The technology that we all look up to, to put an end to all parking problems is older than what we count as a few decades. Yes, it had been introduced over a century ago and what we see today is the result of advancement and developments during these years.  The facts support this discretion as the very first mechanical parking has been observed in 1905 in the city of Paris and in today’s time Japan all alone holds more than 1.6 million parking garages.

2. These are not reliable in long run

The active system manufactures for these automated systems are present in China, Korea, India and Germany. As mentioned before, the technology is over a hundred years old. If this had not been reliant or would have been less consistent to what has been expected than the numbers of its implementation would never have gone up.

The silo-type vehicle towers in AutoStadt in Germany support the point here. The towers have been operational for almost 20 years and till date have the capacity to manage 500 cars a day.

3. The safety of these is still questioned

It is true to say that automated parking garages are just synchronised pieces of elevators and conveyors but there has been a reporting of a case where these machines have failed and caused any living being any sort of an injury. The modern day automated garage systems are more secured than what we used to have earlier. There is no human interaction when the car is loaded or unloaded in these garages which make them safe and also secure for the cars parked as they are guarded all the time.

In case a four wheeler user or any automobile user is looking for a secured parking lot in their city or nearby area, then they have reached the correct solution. YoParker offers such guarded parking spaces which are reliable and helpful against the parking problem. One can avail such parking space using the website or the mobile application.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on January 21, 2019

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