Not so Parking lots around us

Not so Parking lots around us

The parking structure: a cold structure as it may seem but it is essential and cannot be denied.

It very well may be simple for the engineering to mirror the unfancied nature, however here and there, in the midst of all the average quality, excellent structure radiates through out the globe.

Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking in Australia

Planned by American craftsman Ned Kahn, this eight-story vehicle park's outside is comprised of 118,000 suspended aluminum boards which seem to swell as the breeze hits it. The imaginative structure additionally gives regular ventilation to the inside.

Victoria Gate Multi Story in Leeds, UK

The lively, urban multi-story vehicle parking is found at Leeds' £165m Victoria Gate strip mall and takes compositional motivation from the city's history. The wound aluminum blade cladding makes a diagrid design underscored by the shadows produced.

Garagenatelier Car Park in Herdern, Switzerland

This selective vehicle parking, structured by Swiss organization Peter Kunz Architects, just has enough space for only eight vehicles. The beton blocks are installed into the slanting mountainside, making a juxtaposition of nature and the geometric solid structures.

Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc in Belgium

Produced using common materials the vehicle parking is intended to be as inviting as feasible for guests to the close-by medical clinic. The 'ravine divider' gives a bounty of light, even on the underground floors in addition to characteristic ventilation for its 985 vehicles.

AZ Sint-Lucas Car Park in Ghent, Belgium

This open-structure vehicle parking is appropriated over the space of two structures, each encompassed in white metal balustrades with a great many little geometric punctures. Only local blossoms on various dimensions help to light up the space.

Parking structure is all fije but when it comes to utilize them, you need to know how to do it. Infact there are hundreds of parking spaces ariuar us yet we hunt for one apt parking garage almost every day.

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By Sugandha Singh on March 11, 2019

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