Offstreet Parking Facilities

 Offstreet Parking Facilities

Parking Garages

A parking garage is  a  parking building


Single level Parking Garage

A single level parking garage has one floor parking level.


Multilevel or Multi-storey Parking

Multilevel or multi-storey parking garages are parking garages that have multiple floors to park the vehicles.


Underground Parking

An underground parking garage has levels below the surface of ground.



Carports are found on people’s next to their house. In  more than one car can be parked and it’s a private property.  


Automated Parking System

You drive your car and enter inside the garage.  Afterwards the automated parking system will proceed your car to the available parking space somewhere in the parking area. The cars can be  moved vertically and horizontally with hydraulic or mechanical lifts.  Types of APS :-

  • Mechanical Parking System
  • Robotic Parking System
  • Rotary Parking System
  • Automatic Parking
  • Stacker Parking


Semi-Automated Parking System

Semi-Automated Parking System uses a automated system to move cars to their parking spaces, with the help of humans to put efforts Through driver. This is simple something like pushing the button.


Advantages to Clients:

  • Search for available parking spaces not required.
  • Walking in the parking space not required.
  • It saves time
  • Your vehicle is safe and secured
  • Land is used in an efficient way


For Parking Space with YoParker:-

You just need to download the app on your phone and can find and book a parking space for your vehicle in the area where you are visiting, and it is very simple. It’s a three step process you

  • Download the app,

  • Register yourself,

  • Book your parking space and there you go.

There will be an allotted parking space for you before you reach there.

The hassle free safety of your vehicle.

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