Parking Fare Experiment in Delhi

Parking Fare Experiment in Delhi

The traffic situation and the level of parking issues, in Delhi-NCR are, have been no secret as they keep popping up in the media on a regularly basis. However, the solution for the same does not appear at the same rate. The condition is getting worsened day by day and as a result of it, the level of pollution in the city has reached a new level of inhaling two packets of cigarettes everyday by one single person living in the area.

In order to curb the situation, an experiment with the parking fare was conducted where the objective was to reduce the number of vehicles appearing on the roads and promote the use of public transport also. The stats of the experiment are out now and the result has shown that the idea wasn’t effective enough. In spite of all the efforts made, an average person who used to pay INR 80 for a regular parking of 4 hours, then had to pay INR 320 for the same.

The results recorded a significant decrease in the number of vehicles parked in the allocated spaces but the idea was highly criticized. People had to face a lot of issues in commuting from one place to other and the public transport wasn’t enough equipped.

A better optimised solution to save the day for the people of Delhi-NCR could be a technical one. The parking spaces could be increased in number and people should be informed about the same. We at YoParker offer a parking solution to help the common man and reduce the burden a bit. You can visit our website or even download our app from the store for free.

Happy Parking to You!

By Sugandha Singh on December 22, 2018

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