Parking laws differ among cities

Parking laws differ among cities

Parking laws differ among cities

Traffic and parking norms have been created and implemented all over the country to ensure the safety of its citizens. However, most of the countrymen are not so thoughtful. They prefer modifying these enforcements as per their convenience thinking there won’t be any repercussions of doing so. As a matter of fact that is not true. Since out nation have different pictures of traffic among the cities these parking and traffic norms vary accordingly keeping in check the frequency of the different types of violations.

Common laws effective throughout the country:

  • Blocked in a parking lot: If it happens that you have already parked your vehicle in a parking space properly and then when you plan to move out, your exit gateway has been blocked by any other vehicle be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler, you have the right to call the police and get it towed or the owner of that particular vehicle is going to be charged with a fine.
  • Driving with a non functional horn: A vehicle has been fixed with a horn with a sole purpose of warning the people ahead of the automobile. In case one is out driving on the road that too with a non functional horn then they are bound to pay a heavy fine.

Laws as per city requirements:

  • Delhi NCR:  In this capital territory and the area associated with it, smoking inside any car is a punishable offence.
  • Kolkata and Chennai: When driving on busy roads, minor accidents are bound to happen but what is required as a responsible citizen, to provide first-aid to the person who has been hurt in the accident. Failing to do so can attract a heavy fine from the authorities.
  • Mumbai: In the city of dreams, one is not allowed to install any video recording device or even a TV on the dashboard of their car. It is a punishable offence by law and can lead to be charged with a fine. Not just that, if a car is standing idle or is not up for driving on the roads, then it is mandatory to shut the ignition. Failing to abide by this has recorded cases of fine to the owners of these cars.

Even though most of us abide by these laws and respect them the problem of traffic and parking continues to rise at new levels. Understanding the need of the hour a digital solution to curb the problem has been proposed by YoParker. They provide free parking spaces in secured and maintained parking lots in your city and make sure you get a hassle free parking experience. One can visit the website or even download the app from the store for free and forget about the parking issues at all.

Happy parking to you!

By Sugandha Singh on February 02, 2019


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