Success story of Scotland on roads!

Success story of Scotland on roads!

|The measurements taken by Scotland to reduce the number of fatalities on its roads by 24% are now an example to the entire world cities which are still struggling from the issues of road traffic and parking. As per the reports casualties were reduced to 146. The measures taken have proven to be so effective that Scotland is now ahead of its 2020 reduction target to reduce fatalities by 40 percent.

What can we learn?

The main lesson that can be taken is sharing responsibilities of the issue we all are troubled with. As citizens we think that it’s the government’s job to figure out the solution of the problem. We want them to construct broader roads, more flyovers and then think that these will end the problem.  But is that how it will end?

We all know that is not going to be enough. The authorities alone cannot make the reasonable difference; it’s us who will have to step in with them. 

Now you are thinking what is it that we as people can do make this better. We all are already putting our best, isn’t it? The solution lies in out-smarting the ones around us. Yes you can do that.

What can we do?

Since we cannot stop anyone from buying a motor vehicle and then driving it, but we can help in providing safer roads and the entire space which was meant for moving vehicles not the ones parked on those. A major factor that causes traffic to sow down is auto mobiles covering half of the road.

If you are thinking where should one go and park their vehicle to contribute then we at YoParker have got you covered. We provide quick solution to this by letting you know of the secured parking spaces available just for you and at a very reasonable price. So don’t hesitate and download our app now visit our website to start contributing .Take one step at a time and see the difference you make for everyone’s good.

By Sugandha Singh on December 21, 2018

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