YoParker 7 Benefits Of The Perfect Parking Solution

YoParker  7 Benefits Of The Perfect Parking Solution

Did you know, nearly 30% of urban traffic congestion is created by drivers cruising for parking spaces and we are not even counting the amount of fuel that is wasted while fishing for parking spaces. Unavailable parking spaces have become such a big source of frustration for drivers that they often avoid going to places that has limited parking solutions and would visit places that offer easier parking solutions.


On an average a person takes 20-25 minutes to find a parking space in any central business district in a metropolitan city.


The concept of smart city has managed to grab the attention of the entire country and so has smart parking solutions. With real-time data and application that allows users to monitor available parking spaces, the ultimate goal is to reduce time spent manually searching for a parking spot.

The most adopted and fastest growing smart city solutions, YoParker with its perfect parking solutions offers great benefits for both the user and the lot owner.


1. Reduced Traffic & Congestion

As fewer vehicles drive around looking for a parking spot the traffic and congestion automatically reduces increasing the traffic flow.

 2. Optimized Parking

Saving on time and efforts, users find the closest parking spots available. Also, it helps fill up the parking lot efficiently leaving enough room for other vehicles.


Most vehicles are parked for 8,360 hours in a year making parking a problem for 95%.


3. Increased Safety

The real-time lot data is shared with security personnel and parking lot employees. It will help prevent parking violations and other activities and accidents.

4. Enhanced User Experience

From spot identification to timely notifications, the smart parking solution integrates the user experience from start to finish making it a seamless unified process.

5. Reduced Pollution

Atleast one million barrel of oil is burned each day across just to find a parking spot. Alarming, isn’t it? The smart parking solution will reduce driving time thus reducing vehicle emission, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.


With smart parking facilities, on an average 15-20% of the carbon emission can be brought down.


6. Increased Services

A seamless parking experience will lend a positive brand image to your commercial entity. Be it a retail store or a business office or a mall or an airport, the added convenience would lure customers towards your brand.

7. New Revenue Options

YoParker can open new revenue streams for lot owners as they can rent out their parking spaces.

These are just a few benefits of implementing the perfect parking solution to make your city a smart city and offer the residents the much required pleasure of driving and peace of mind, especially when it comes to parking. Visit YoParker now for more information on parking solutions in and around your city.

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